Classic Collins

Dry Gin & Lime Flavor Cocktail
A Gin Cooler Cocktail? Yes, it’s here and it’s deliciously refreshing! Made with Gin and Lime, the Classic Collins packs tons of flavor and delivers a superb taste experience. Tom Collins is here to stay. With ultra modern bottle and packaging design this Classic Collins will be the hit of the summer!


The Classic Collins is available in 6% alc./vol. 4 packs as well as 3% alc./vol. 4 packs.

Brand: Dry Gin & Lime Flavor Cocktail
Category: Refreshment Beverage
Available in: 3% alc./vol. and 6% alc./vol.
Bottle Size: 330 ml
Selling Unit: 4 x 330 ml
Case: 6 selling units per case / 6 (4 x 330 ml) bottles
Case Weight: 13.6 KG

MSRP: $12.55

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